Chateau Animal Hospital is a full-service hospital that provides a range of surgical care for dogs and cats.

Bringing your pet in for any surgical procedure can be stressful but with a dedicated team of experienced Doctors and Technicians using state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll provide high-quality surgery and recovery in a safe, stress-free environment. Below are links to common surgical produces with added information.

Pre-Surgical Care

All patients require pre-surgical blood work and a overall health exam before going under anesthesia to help reduce the risk of any complication. Blood work is included in the price of the procedure and we ask that you come in a few days prior to the scheduled surgery date to have the blood work done. We will also provide you with instructions and answer any questions/concerns prior to surgery.

A $200 deposit is required at the time of booking for all procedures. Cancellation needs to be a minimum of 7 days for full refund. If we are not given the required 7 day notice of cancellation, the deposit will be forfeited. 

Surgery Date and Post-Op

Regardless if your pet is having a simple spay/neuter or a complex Cystotomy, our surgical team is dedicated to make sure your pet has a safe and stress-free surgery day. Arriving around 8:15 in the morning on the date of surgery, you will speak to one of our experienced Veterinary Technicians who answer any questions or concerns. Your pet will be monitored from the second it arrives in our building to the second they leave the building with you. We require patients to stay a major of the day with us so that we can continue to monitor them for any post-operative complications but we will communicate with you post-op for pick-up times and updates.
At the end of the day you will be able to pick up them up and will have a discharge consult with the Doctor and a Veterinary Technicians. We will guide you in helping care for you pet post surgery. 

If you are considering veterinary surgery for your pet, please contact us at (678) 960-4535 to schedule a consultation with your Chateau Animal Hospital veterinarian.

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